Maintain a competitive advantage and enhance value through cutting edge automotive display developments

Automotive Visual and Display Technologies is a technical event for experts in the field of automotive displays. The goal is to bring together industry leaders to discuss the newest designs in curved and shaped displays as well as display materials with improved optical properties at lower costs. Develop your expertise by looking at novel approaches for optimising display integration and how HMI considerations effect display design.

Why should you attend?

  • Discover the latest trends for display technologies in the automotive industry
  • Learn about new developments in OLED technologies
  • Discuss new materials being used in TFT LCD screens to further improve their optical properties
  • Look at novel HUD and Augmented Reality technologies and projection systems
  • Find out about new concepts for E/E- and interior architecture and how these are being integrated into the vehicle for maximum safety and energy efficiency
  • Explore display technologies being used for the latest advanced driver assistance systems

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